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If you want to organise a truly unforgettable event, one that will charm and entertain young and old alike, you need look no further than the circus. Circus acts and circus performers come in a variety of guises, from jugglers to contortionists and flying trapeze to complete choreographed circus shows, this variety of performers is sure to wow, delight and impress your guests.

Before organising an event, you need to choose an exceptional circus entertainment agency. At International Circus Stardust Entertainment, we pride ourselves on our superb, bespoke circus performances. With more than 18 year’s experience in the circus entertainment industry, our team of circus performers have consistently delivered amazing circus shows all over the world. With circus acts ranging from hand balancing to human cannonballs, we guarantee guests an afternoon or evening’s entertainment that they will never forget.

Perhaps you want to put on an unusual themed corporate event, have been charged with organising entertainment for a company fun day or require entertainment for a gala dinner show, conference or awards ceremony? Circus entertainment fits the bill perfectly no matter what your preferences are, an entertainment agency like ourselves can meet and exceed them. With over 1,600 circus acts and circus performers to choose from, we can guarantee an event like no other.

If you opt for our big top hire and circus shows, you can be sure of an all-encompassing performance. We provide everything a circus show needs from the big top to world-class circus acts, stages and lighting to superbly executed choreography, mesmerising performances and a few laughs thrown in for good measure. The size of your venue needn’t be an issue, our performances are fully customisable so we promise to really make the most of the space you have.

Our list of circus performers is almost endless. Are illusionists your thing? We’ve got it covered. Perhaps you want to see some world-class acro dance? Again, this is a service that we’re happy to provide. From the stilt walkers to acrobats and trapeze artists to tight rope walkers, our big top hire and circus shows service has everything you could need for an evening of first-class circus entertainment.

Part of our service is excellent value for money. We guarantee the best prices in the industry, so when you opt for International Circus Stardust Entertainment you can be sure of saving money on your entertainment budget. So, not only will you be staging an affordable event, with a little help from us you’ll be sure of impressing guests of all ages with some of the world’s finest circus talent. We have the dedication, professionalism and flexibility to deliver a truly unforgettable programme of entertainment.